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EchoTherm™ IC22 Digital, 2-Position Electronic Chilling/Heating Dry Bath

Chill, heat or freeze two separate sets of samples at two separate temperatures with individual control from -10°C to 100°C without sample block.

Optional Model:

XT Model: Chilling range expanded to -20°C without sample block. Recommended for holding samples steady at low temperatures without cycling.

IC22 $2,150.00
IC22XT $2,405.00


  • Energy-efficient Peltier design
  • Digital control to 1°C from -20C to 100°C without sample block
  • 2 separate temperatures on separate plates or both the same if wanted
  • Sample blocks for 0.2, 0.5 and 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes, 96-well and 384-well assay plates, 2ml vials, various sizes of test tubes and more.
  • Control at room temperature
  • 2 countdown timers (up to 30 days each) with alarm
  • RS232 I/O port for control or data collection
  • 2 data loggers
  • Electronic calibration.
  • Compact size. Small footprint on the bench
  • UL, CSA and CE compliant
  • 12-month warranty

Applications Include:

  • Maintaining 14°C for ligation reactions
  • Enzyme reactions and deactivations
  • Hybridizations
  • PCR sample preparation
  • Maintaining 17°C for storing oocytes
  • Storing samples at ice bucket temperatures
  • Incubate samples in 96-well assay plates, or in aluminum blocks holding 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml or 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes
  • Storing enzymes or DNA libraries at your work station
  • Transporting samples from the field at exactly the right temperature
  • Chilling or heating samples in the field
  • Freezing and storing most any small sample at your workstation
  • General molecular biology applications

Product Description:

The completely solid-state EchoTherm™ IC22 2-Position Electronic Chilling/Heating Dry Bath is versatile, reliable and easy to use. Each heating/chilling station has its own Peltier module, and the entire unit has only two moving parts: the fans.

Each plate can be set separately for any temperature within the range of unit without interaction between the plates. The IC22 has simple digital controls and a two-line alphanumeric digital display that is backlit for easy viewing. The display shows the target and actual temperatures of both plates.

The chilling/heating surfaces are each 2.875” (7.3 cm) x 4.375” (11.1 cm) aluminum plates that are very flat for optimal contact with the sample blocks. When unloaded, the plates will reach below 0 °C in under two minutes. They will heat to 37°C in under a minute. The chilling and heating rates will change with loads. For instance, temperatures to 4.0°C can be reached on sample blocks as large as 4” (10.2 cm) x 3” (7.6 cm) x 6” (15.2 cm) in about 30 minutes.

Units come complete with bench-top power supply, instruction manual and AC line cord. Sample blocks and covers are available as accessories and are shown on the price list.

Product Specification:

Range on each plate -10°C to 100°C (IC35) -20C to 100C (IC35XT) w/o sample block
Readability 1°C
Accuracy ±1°C
Stability ±1°C
Sensor Platinum RTD
Controller Type PID
Uniformity ±0.5°C
Range 00:01 seconds to 30 days
Readability 1 second
Audible Alarm Yes, alarm sounds for 1 minute. Timer counts up until turned off.
Auto-Off Yes, user settable.
Data Logger:
Sample times 1 sec, 1 min or 5 minutes per data point
Capability 8110 data points
Heater/Chiller 50 watts each station. 100 watts total.
Operating Voltages 90–265 Volts AC input to bench-top power supply, which provides 12 Volts DC to the unit
Power Consumption 100 watts
Power Switch Yes
Chilling/Heating Module
Width 6.5” (16.5 cm)
Depth 14” (35.56 cm)
Height 3.5” (8.9 cm)
Weight 13 lbs (5.85 kg)

Accessories Available:

For detailed sample block drawings, click here.
620-5012 Block, aluminum, 40 holes for 0.5 ml centrifuge tubes $185.00
620-5013 Block, aluminum, 30 holes for 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes $200.00
620-5014 Block, aluminum, 40 holes for 0.5 ml and 15 holes for 1.5 ml $250.00
620-5015 Block, aluminum, 0.2 ml tubes and plates $270.00
620-5016 Block, aluminum, “V” bottom 96-well assay plates $280.00
620-5017 Block, aluminum, round bottom 96-well assay plates $280.00
620-5018 Block, aluminum, 24 holes for 2.0 ml vials $205.00
620-5019 Block, aluminum, 384 holes for 384-well assay plates $280.00
620-5020 Block, aluminum, flat bottom 96 and 384-well assay plates $210.00
620-5021 Block, aluminum, 24 holes for 10 mm test tubes $160.00
620-5022 Block, aluminum, 12 holes for 15/16 mm test tubes $175.00
620-5023 Block, aluminum, 20 holes for 12/13 mm test tubes $180.00
620-5024 Block, aluminum, 3-20 mm, 5-12/13 mm and 6-6 mm test tubes $200.00
620-5025 Block, aluminum, 8 holes for 20 mm test tubes $200.00
620-5026 Block, aluminum, 30 holes for 6 mm test tubes $180.00
620-5027 Block, aluminum, 12 holes for 15ml centrifuge tubes $315.00
620-5028 Block, aluminum, 12 holes for 20ml scintillation vials $325.00
620-5029 Block, aluminum, deep-well assay plates $395.00
620-5030 Block, aluminum, 6 holes for 50ml centrifuge tubes $295.00
620-5031 Block, aluminum, 4-slides for hybridizations, with black cover $380.00
620-5032 Block, aluminum, 30-2.0ml Eppendorf centrifuge tubes $205.00
620-5033 Block, aluminum, lo-profile/deep well plates for robots $280.00
620-5035 Block, aluminum, lo-profile for flat assay plates for robots
620-5036 Block, aluminum, for Nunc deep well plate 278752. No dealer discount available. $480.00
620-5041 Block, aluminum, PCR plares with cones $265.00
620-5042 Block, aluminum, Tecan for assay plates $255.00
620-5043 Block, aluminum, for 1.5 ml tubes with slots for holding caps open $430.00
620-5044 Block, aluminum, 5 V-shaped troughs for Tecan $475.00
620-5045 Block, aluminum, 2.0 ml tubes with cap slots for holding caps open for Tecan $430.00
620-5227 Block, deep well plate, Thermo 95040450. Special order takes 3 weeks. No dealer discount available. $600.00
620-5254, Block, aluminum, deep well plate, 1.0 ml Greiner Bio-1. Special order takes 3 weeks. No dealer discount available. $535.00
620-5255 Block, aluminum, deep well plate, Abgene 1.2 ml. Special order takes 3 weeks. No dealer discount available. $535.00
620-5269 Block, aluminum, deep well plate, Phenix 1.1 ml. Special order takes 3 weeks. No dealer discount available. $650.00
720-0009 Cover, aluminum blocks, 3.25” high $68.00