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Analog Hot Plates and Stirring Hot Plates

Torrey Pines Scientific. Rugged, Simple, and Reliable. Ceramic Tops for Corrosive Chemical Resistance and Aluminum Tops for Heavy or Uneven Solids. Available with no stirrer, one stirrer or 5 or 9 stirrers.

NOTE: Corrosion Resistant Models of Hot Plates and Stirring Hot Plates are available in 12” ceramic topped models. These are supplied with a purgeable chassis to help keep corrosive gasses out of the unit and away from electronics and stirrer motors. This improves the life of the unit when used with aggressive chemicals. The units with a “C” after the model number are corrosion resistant.

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Single Position Analog Stirrers, Hot Plates and Stirring Hot Plates.

Multiple Position Analog Stirrers, Hot Plates and Stirring Hot Plates