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Date: Tue, 04/15/2008

EchoTherm™ Chilling and Heating Laboratory Equipment Featured in New 2008/2009 Catalog

San Marcos, CA—Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc.® announces its new 24-page, 4-color, full line catalog for 2008/2009. It includes new Multi-Position Stirring Hot Plates, new Fully Programmable Chilling/Heating HPLC Column Oven, new Digital Hot Plates and Stirring Hot Plates, and new Large Surface Hot Plates. Also, included are Digital, Programmable and Orbital Mixing Chilling/Heating Dry Baths with a comprehensive range of accessory sample blocks for centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, assay plates and test tubes; digital and programmable chilling/heating bench top incubators; digital chilling/heating HPLC column ovens; digital chilling/heating mini-circulators; variable speed rotating mixers; programmable and digital hot plates and stirring hot plates, and analog hot plates, stirrers and stirring hot plates.

All are UL, CSA and CE or equivalent agency certified and available in voltages for use anywhere in the world.

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