When it comes to temperature control equipment, you deserve better. Better accuracy. Better pricing. Better service. Not slightly better. DEGREES BETTER • Call Toll Free(866) 573-9104 • Main Number(760) 930-9400 Dry Baths: Precise control for complete walk-away mixing, chilling, freezing or heating in custom profiles. Our EchoTherm™ dry baths offer performance degrees better than the rest. Incubators: Chill or heat samples degrees better, even at or near room temperature, with our reliable, accurate, compact and easy to use incubators. Hot Plates: Heat, stir and time accurately with fully featured hot plates degrees better than the rest. Our EchoTherm™ hot plates are the most advanced and easy-to-use in the market. HPLC Column Chiller/Heaters: Torrey Pines Scientific’s completely solid-state, Peltier-based HPLC heater/chillers offer temperature control that is degrees better.

A higher degree of accuracy.

For precise temperature control, Torrey Pines Scientific® has precisely what you need. Simply choose the right product for your research. You’ll find online ordering to be quick and easy. And if you ever have questions, help is just a phone call or email away.